With a unique proposal amid the stunning blueness of the sea and the green of the Atlantic Forest, Txai Resort Itacaré – Bahia, Brazil, located in southern Bahia, provides unique experiences for its guests.
Mastering the art of hosting guests at home, Txai Resorts develops the concept of a boutique hotel. The word Txai, inspired by the Indigenous kaxinawa language, means companion: it symbolises the attitude of friendship while receiving guests.

As a unique concept of hospitality, the Txai projects share prime locations amid the stunning nature of the Brazilian coast and a service that focuses on wellness, good living and sustainability, including care for the environment, low occupancy density, full interaction with the community and appreciation of the local culture.

Txai Itacaré is considered one of the first boutique hotels in Brazil and its mission is to offer unique moments in a refuge that reflects, in every detail, comfort and simplicity as essential items to ensure quality of life and a perfect balance. To do this, it offers, amid a privileged landscape, a structure with one of the best spas in Brazil, the Shamash Healing Space, and gastronomy under the command of the chef. Located in the southern region of Bahia, it is housed in a preserved Environmental Protection Area (APA) of the Atlantic Forest, located in Itacarezinho beach, in Itacaré, Bahia.

Internationally awarded and chosen for three consecutive years as the Most Excellent Beach Hotel Top and most recent “Best Water Side Hotel”, both by Condé Nast, all details of Txai were devised to ensure the maximum comfort for its guests.

All the rooms are especially designed to promote peaceful moments and wellbeing with windows open to nature. They are perfect settings to soothe the mind and stimulate the senses to the beauty of life. The endless sea, the mountains of the land, the silence of the night, the aromas of the bushes, fruits, flowers and roots set the tone of the rare beauty of this part of Brazil.

The refined gastronomy is inspired by the local products. Careful attention is given to small details. Customised service is always offered with a smile on our face. Massages and actions to promote your wellbeing are offered with the aid of oils and essences. Exclusive tours around paradisiacal locations are offered.

Everything in good time. Every effort is made for each moment to be experienced as an unforgettable experience. The unique Txai experience!


Combining maximum comfort with the luxury of rustic simplicity, the bungalows at Txai Resort Itacaré were built with raw material from the region, such as piassava (dried palm fonds), bamboo and dende palm trees.

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Wake up in the king-size bed of your dreams, with soft pillows and a canopy-shaped mosquito net.
Enjoy the lush garden and huge azure sky through the window. Let the sun shine in, illuminating and energising all spaces.

Such is life in the 38 suites of Txai Resort Itacaré . The guest suites may be just a few steps from the sand or at the top of hills, with the most stunning ocean views.
Here are your beautiful alternatives:

Premium bungalow

The most sophisticated bungalow, with a greater privacy, is located in the hill and has a privileged view of the sea and the local forest, as well as a private swimming pool. The 70m2 bungalow is built on a wooden deck suspended in stilts and has a private balcony, with chaise-lounges.

The extra pampering includes 58’’ LCD TV, Home Theatre, dock station, Nespresso machine and a wine cellar for twelve bottles.

Luxury bungalow

Luxury bungalow South Wing: The 70m2 bungalow is built on a wooden deck suspended in stilts and has a private covered balcony, with chaise-lounges and an outdoor shower.The extra pampering includes a 27’’ LCD TV, a Nespresso machine and a minibar.

Hill Superior bungalow

The 60m2 bungalow is built on a wooden deck suspended in stilts and has a private balcony and an outdoor shower. Only four units are on the hill with stunning view of the sea. The extra pampering includes a 27’’ LCD TV, a Nespresso machine and a minibar.

Beach Superior bungalow

The 60m2 bungalow is built on a deck on stilts, with a private balcony and an outdoor shower. The bungalows are spread all over the Txai complex. The extra pampering includes a 27’’ LCD TV, a Nespresso machine and a minibar.


Another strong point of Txai is its gastronomy. With a menu prepared especially for each occasion, the dishes created by the chef Aurelien Roche are composed with touches of cuisines from different parts of the world mixed with the Brazilian flavour, providing a unique result that turns this experience into something very special during the stay at the hotel. For wine lovers, a visit to the winery reserves pleasant surprises selected by experienced sommeliers.

Degustation Menu

Served on the winery deck or at the Gourmet space, it seats up to 16 people with a degustation menu of five dishes, as well as dessert.

Special Dinner

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For guests who search for romance, Txai offers exclusive candlelit dinners, with special flower decoration. They are served low-key in strategic settings with scenic vistas of the resort, in harmony with the conditions of weather and space.


Txai has a bar in every living room and swimming pool. Our bars serve tropical fruit drinks, cocktails, juices, as well as wine, beer and other alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages. We also offer a wide menu of tasty tidbits and sandwiches.


It is also at Txai that one of the country’s most distinguished spas is located: the Shamash Healing Space. Installed at the highest point of the resort, Shamash has an incredible view of the sea and the stunning green of the Atlantic Forest. Its privileged position reinforces the philosophy of a personalised relaxation with various treatments and therapies designed according to the needs of each person.

The word “Shamash” is used by indigenous people when they want that all harm disappear and the person becomes happy. Nothing more appropriate to be the name of the already renowned Txai Itacaré spa in Itacaré, Bahia, member of the restricted group of hotels Relais&Châteaux.

At Shamash each guest awakens their senses and experiences the real well-being, in a process of holistic healing that involves physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health. There, perceptions are treated with massages, aromatic baths and therapies, creating moments of absolute and unique sensory experiences.

Purification bath

Exclusive of Spa Shamash and inspired in an ancient Bahia tradition; a mix of bay salt and coconut oil is rubbed on the body, promoting a cleaning of skin and energy field; then, a bath with seven herbs, tepid and perfumed. This alchemy of rubbing, then the bath, together with bay salt and herbs therapeutic properties, favors body and soul balance, clears the mind; brings freshness and lightness to the spirit. There is nothing so appropriate when the visitor gets to Bahia, to wash the soul and liberate the body memories from urban life stresses.


Originating from India, this massage is made with flavoured vegetable oil and a medicinal powder extracted from babassu nut interior. Hot stones that get in touch with the skin and favor muscles relaxation.


Massage made with movements and pressures on strategic spots that help to align energy flow. It brings harmony between body and mind by means of gradual elongation, without forcing or generating pain or contraction, calms down the nervous system and expands joints movements, relieving pains and stresses.

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Lomi Lomi

Massage that acts from head to feet, providing relaxation and vitality. It is profound and stimulates intuition, changing the therapist perception of the client’s needs: it may be slow and relaxing or faster and invigorating.

Shamash Healing Space offers specific massages for pregnant women, Yoga, Shirodhara, ofurôs, dry and humid sauna, reiki, watsu, and therapeutic teas and juices.


South America and, in particular, Brazil are known worldwide for its beautiful coastline – in Brazil there are over seven thousand kilometres – with beaches of white sand and a blue sea, surrounded by dense native forests.

But when thinking of natural beauty, a privileged landscape and a fascinating culture, one of the 26 states of the country and the DC stands out in the minds of foreigners and Brazilians: the famous Bahia, located south of the Northeast region of Brazil.

And it is there that is located Txai Resort Itacaré, more precisely in the municipality of Itacaré (south of Bahia and 421km from the capital Salvador), a region with one of the richest ecosystems in biodiversity in Brazil and a transit route for whales and dolphins, in addition to sea turtles.

Amid a preserved Environmental Protection Area (APA), the concept of Txai Itacaré goes beyond hosting. The daily philosophy of wellness and hospitality translates into offering unique moments in a refuge that reflects, in every detail, comfort and simplicity as essential items to ensure quality of life and a perfect balance.


Beautiful Itacaré has long been sought out by hippies and surfers mesmerized by wide stretches of virgin Atlantic rainforest, picturesque beaches and reliable surf breaks. Countless pousadas (guesthouses) and restaurants now pack the streets; still, a mellow, youthful vibe prevails, surf culture reigns supreme, and many establishments in the area are committed to environmentally friendly practices (look for the Carbon Free Tourism sign proudly posted around town).


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