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Dreaming of a vacation that will create irresistible memories? Uganda offers the luxury trip of a lifetime. Whether you yearn to enjoy stunning wildlife and breathtaking scenery, love outdoor sports and pursuits, or crave experiencing a new culture and learning more about the history of a fascinating country, Uganda is the perfect destination.

Read on to enjoy a taste of what’s waiting for you in one of the most breathtakingly beautiful countries on the planet.

Stunning Wildlife 

Uganda benefits from ten national parks, which provide safe space for an array of wildlife. A safari in Uganda provides a rare opportunity to see “the big five” (the leopard, African elephant, lion, rhino, and African buffalo) in a single visit. On safari, guests enjoy well-appointed accommodation and transport to the spots most frequented by the animals. 

Up-close Encounters With Mountain Gorillas

One of the few countries that is home to these elusive, magnificent animals, visiting Uganda’s mountain gorillas is a truly unforgettable experience. Found in the Virunga mountains, the gorillas roam freely. Having the chance to see these rare creatures in their natural habitat is an unmissable highlight of any trip to Uganda.

Visit the White Rhinos

Once on the brink of extinction, global efforts have increased the number of white rhinos in the world to around 20,000.  Indigenous Ugandan white rhinos are very rare  – authorities reckon there are less than 20 still in existence. The majority of those are found in the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

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If you’re a vacationer that values wildlife and thrills at the prospect of seeing such rare and beautiful creatures, a visit to the white rhinos is a must. 

Bike, Hike, or Kayak

For travelers who prefer an active vacation, Uganda doesn’t disappoint. There are plenty of locations that provide a stunning backdrop for cycling, kayaking, or hiking trips. The crater lakes, for example, are set in idyllic scenery – perfect for a cycling tour or walking trip. To enjoy the thrill of whitewater, why not visit Jinja and embark on a kayaking trip down the Nile

Enjoy Culture in Kampala

Kampala, Uganda’s capital city, contains a wealth of attractions that offer something for everyone. A party city, if you value nightlife, fine dining, and entertainment, you’ll find them all here. In addition, Kampala has many opportunities to discover more about the history and culture of the country. 

We recommend The Uganda Museum and The Social Innovation Museum.

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There are also opportunities to meet Batwa (the indigenous people of Uganda), who will share an insight into their culture and history. If you want to gain a real appreciation of the beliefs and events that have shaped Uganda, who better to show you than the country’s residents?

Discover more about the amazing experiences and memories that await every visitor to Uganda.


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