Unlock the Many Natural Wonders of Zambia

With the stunning safari and wildlife park areas, rugged terrain, and exceptional biodiversity network, Zambia is a true definition of natural beauty at its finest. This vast land serves as the home to many sights and attractions worthy of a visit at least once, or twice, in your life.

Kafue National Park

One of Africa’s largest parks, Kafue National Park is known for its teak forests, mopane, swamps, and Savannah open plains. The park is surrounded by unspoiled nature because of the grassy seasoned floodplains.

Unlock the Many Natural Wonders of Zambia

It also has diverse wildlife with lots of opportunities waiting to be explored in the park. The only issue here is probably the fact that it is not easily accessible by public transport. The park also offers grazing grounds for large herds of red lechwe, puku antelopes, wildebeest, and buffalos. 

There are also different activities like guide walking safaris, canoeing, and game drives. Visitors can also have a thrilling time riding a hot air balloon. 

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Lake Kariba

Nature lovers can look forward to a wonderful once-in-a-lifetime experience in Lake Kariba. While swimming in the lake is dangerous, this is allowed in some designated spots attached to the dimming cages or houseboats that make things more fun.

Unlock the Many Natural Wonders of Zambia

This is the largest manmade reservoir and lake that offers its visitors tons of activities to try. Leopards can also be seen roaming freely in the area as well as hundreds of bird species, and crocodiles. Sport fishing is another favorite here as well as speed boating, wakeboarding, canoeing, and visiting the dam wall. 

Lake Tanganyika

Lake Tanganyika is the world’s second deepest lake located in the northern portion of Zambia and offers the most exquisite experience for scuba diving. The waters in the area are clear with over 350 different fish species perfect for sport fishing.

Unlock the Many Natural Wonders of Zambia

Another must-try activity in the lake is snorkeling. There are fascinating guided tours and historic signs in the form of the wreck of World War I found in the lake. 

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Livingstone is a charming colonial town filled with historical legends and is located near Victoria Falls. This is a friendly and relaxed town where you can adapt easily knowing that you are just 11 kilometers away from gazing at the majestic waterfall of Africa in awe.

Unlock the Many Natural Wonders of Zambia

There are more adrenaline-pumping activities to try here including canoeing, quad biking, horseback riding, ziplining, and a whole lot more. 

North Luangwa National Park 

North Luangwa National Park sets itself apart from other sights in Zambia. Larger herds of buffalo, hartebeest, elands, and lion pride are part and parcel of the park’s wildlife safari that visitors can enjoy watching. Although walking safaris are most suitable for the park, you can also ride 4×4 vehicles to explore the land.

Unlock the Many Natural Wonders of Zambia

Zambia is truly a land of many wonders, and if you are looking for a unique safari experience like no other, this is the best place to be. Here, you can bask in nature’s beauty and see wildlife in their natural habitat.

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