Unravel the Magical Beauty of Oman – An Authentic Arabic Experience

For the longest time, the spotlight has always been focused on the United Arab Emirates. People come flocking to the country, mesmerized by its towering skyscrapers, majestic facilities, and stunning infrastructures. 

What travelers don’t know is that its close neighbor, Oman, is where they can enjoy the Arabic experience in all its glory without too much bling. 

Oman may look and feel modern, but it manages to stay true to its roots. High-end hotels, smooth roods, and ultra-luxe shopping malls are in perfect harmony with the windswept desert, age-old forts, and mountains that look out of this world. 

Packing your bags to go on a luxurious Oman vacation gives you the rare opportunity to bask in the stunning landscapes of the country while mingling with the friendly Omani people in a place where the spirit of hospitality and warmth runs deep.

This short guide gives you a glimpse of what to do during your Oman trip:

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When is the Best Time to Visit Oman?

You might want to avoid visiting Oman during the peak of summer from June to September if you want to keep your cool throughout your vacation. Temperatures of 40°C may be unbearable unless you hike in the mountains. 

October to April is the best time to visit when the country is cooler, and you can fully enjoy its wonderful wilderness. Just note that most places are closed during Ramadan so don’t forget to consult with your travel agency ahead of time. 

Now that you know when to go to Oman, here are the top spots you shouldn’t miss visiting:


Unravel the Magical Beauty of Oman – An Authentic Arabic Experience

Muscat may not be as glitzy as the neighboring Dubai, but this is where its charm lies. Soaring mountains are in the background of this ancient port city that sizzles with an old-fashioned allure. Grand monuments and humble whitewashed buildings are right next to each other, all bearing tidbits of the city’s history. Best sights include the clifftop Al Jalali Fort and Grand Mosque adorned with jewels. 

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Sharqiya Sands

Unravel the Magical Beauty of Oman – An Authentic Arabic Experience

Lovingly called by the locals as the Wahiba Sands, the towering dunes that span miles are like the deserts you have dreamt of when you were a child. There are no permanent residents in Sharqiya Sands, aside from the small groups of Bedouins that made the south their home. You can also find a cluster of desert camps where travelers can sleep out under the vast sparkling skies of the desert. 

Al Hajar Mountains

Unravel the Magical Beauty of Oman – An Authentic Arabic Experience

The Al Hajar Mountains, with their untamed and remote beauty, is one of the most spectacular regions of Oman. Perfect for trekking and walking, the mountains also offer opportunities for unique insights into the everyday life of Omani people and one-of-a-kind cultural encounters. Some of its best highlights include Wadi Ghul, the Grand Canyon of Arabia, and Jebel Shams, the highest mountain of Oman. 


Unravel the Magical Beauty of Oman – An Authentic Arabic Experience

Niza is the historic former capital city of Oman surrounded by majestic mountains and lush palm grooves. This cultural treasure trove is where you can find sand-colored buildings and intricate souks that remain hidden by one of the most striking forts of the country. 

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