Vegan Luxury Hotels That Are Bringing Sustainability to the Forefront of the Hospitality Industry

As customers become more eco-conscious and partial to businesses with sustainable practices, vegan luxury hotels find themselves occupying a unique niche. Such hotels are making it easier for vegans to find hotels that share their values. 

People are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental impact of traveling and eating. Vegan luxury hotels are responding to this growing awareness by making sure that vegans can enjoy their travels with accommodations that are cruelty-free, sustainable, and aligned with their tastes and beliefs. 

If you’re looking for luxury travel auctions for your next stay at a vegan luxury hotel, you’ve come to the right place. 

What Is A Vegan Luxury Hotel? 

A vegan luxury hotel offers high-end amenities to its customers while adhering to strict environmental standards. By doing so, these hotels are creating a sustainable and environmentally-friendly business model that is affordable and luxurious. 

Here is a list of the best vegan luxury hotels in 2021: 

#1. Soami Retreat Center 

Soami Retreat Center is a vegan luxury hotel situated in Austria. The aim of the hotel is to provide an escape for those who are seeking solace in nature for reflection and relaxation. It was one of the first hotels in Austria to offer sustainable and vegan food. 

The hotel is located on a historic feudal estate in the Maltschacher Alps, one of Austria’s oldest wine-growing regions. The accommodation includes all-organic farm produce with vegetarian and vegan menus available at breakfast. Guests of the hotel can also enjoy hiking trails, an outdoor swimming pool, and other guided tours.

This is a hotel that focuses on sustainability and luxury. They have an organic garden for guests to enjoy, guided meditation sessions, yoga classes, and new age workshops. 

The hotel also offers a variety of different spa treatments including Ayurvedic treatments, Shiatsu massages, reflexology sessions, acupuncture therapies, a variety of facial treatments including Indian head massage with lavender oils, and much more. 

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The hotel has been running for over 20 years and has built itself up to be one of Europe’s best hotels! 

#2. Apoyo Lodge 

The Apoyo Lodge is a luxury resort destination on Nicaragua’s Southern Pacific Coast. White sand beaches, rolling surf, and pristine coastal forests make this a true paradise. 

The lodge was created by an American couple who fell in love with the area and wanted to share its beauty with the world. Being eco-friendly, sustainable, and locally owned, everything from the food to the furnishings is in keeping with Nicaraguan traditions and culture.

The lodge is not only sustainable but also offers upscale accommodations and services to guests. It has 14 rooms with spectacular views of Lake Apoyo. The property has a restaurant, bar, pool, outdoor lounge areas, and an extensive garden with organic herbs and vegetables. 

Guests are welcome to join the owners in their kitchen for cooking classes or enjoy working in the gardens as part of their stay. They can take advantage of yoga sessions or guided hikes along the property’s 600 acres of mountain terrain. 

This luxury resort destination in Nicaragua is a great place for those looking to get away from it all without sacrificing comfort or style. 

#3. Green Peace Inn 

Green Peace Inn is a vegan luxury hotel that offers sustainable holidays. It is located on the southern coast of Sri Lanka, 10 minutes from Bentota beach and 12 km from the historic city of Galle. 

Sri Lanka’s south coast offers a range of tourist attractions that are perfect for the entire family. Visitors can explore hidden waterfalls, nature reserves, fishing villages, and more while staying at Green Peace Inn.

The hotel has 8 private villas with a canopy bed, outdoor shower, and garden area which is beautifully landscaped with tropical plants and fruit trees. The villas are fully equipped with air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and a flat-screen TV with satellite channels. 

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Green Peace Inn also has an organic restaurant where they serve healthy vegan dishes produced with organic ingredients grown on-site and in-house. 

They offer a lot of activities for their guests like cooking classes, meditation and yoga sessions, snorkeling, trips to tea plantations, and many more. With luxury travel auction sites, you can score accommodations to luxury hotels such as this at reduced rates. 

#4. Agrivilla I Pini 

Agrivilla I Pini in Italy is a vegan luxury hotel where guests are encouraged to adopt sustainable lifestyles. It’s located in the Tuscan countryside where nature comes first and guests get to enjoy their vacation with great food. All the food products used are grown naturally without chemicals or fertilizers. Fruits and vegetables are harvested at the optimal time so guests can enjoy them at their peak.

The restaurant offers vegetarian and vegan dishes prepared with organic ingredients from the property’s vegetable garden. The cuisine is based on Mediterranean flavors with an Italian spin. Their menu changes every two months according to the season, but there will always be gluten- free options available to suit the dietary requirements of vegans. 

The hotel produces zero waste and has many green initiatives that allow it to be 100% carbon neutral. Guests can explore 25 acres of organic gardens including a vegetable garden, an orchard, and a forest of olive trees. 

#5. Green Tiger House 

Green Tiger House, a hotel striving to be environmentally sustainable, is located in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The goal of the owners of Green Tiger House is to create a luxury experience while reducing their carbon footprint. 

The owners want their guests to see how they are taking care of the environment, which they hope will inspire them to make more eco-friendly choices in their own lives. 

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Green Tiger also offers free yoga classes every day, which you can book in advance on their website. 

The hotel offers rooms that are spacious and luxurious while still being environmentally friendly. Their electricity costs are offset by solar panels on the roof of the building, and they use rainwater for all of their landscaping needs. 

Green Tiger House has practices that go as far back as 2006 when they would use recycled paper, soy ink, and recycled fibers to reduce energy consumption in an effort to be more environmentally friendly.

Green Tiger House has an incredible passion for sustainability so it should come as no surprise that they have set the highest goals when it comes to their values. 

Vegan Luxury Hotels: An Important Model for the Hospitality Industry 

Vegan and sustainable luxury hotels are an important model for the future as they fill a niche for vegan and vegetarian luxury travelers. 

They also produce less waste which in turn has a smaller impact on the environment. There are multiple luxury travel auctions that feature some of the best vegan luxury hotels. 

These hotels provide an experience that is ethical, luxurious, and appealing. It’s easy to see why more and more vegan luxury hotels are springing up all over the world providing us with a refreshing and inspiring way to look at travel and hospitality. 


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