Visit Sicily, Italy: Things to Do & Places to See

Sicily always has something special in store for every traveler, whether it is your first or even your tenth trip there. As Italy’s largest island, you can find numerous attractions and activities waiting for you, from stunning views to magnificent beaches, gorgeous cities, and more.

But with all the treasures on the island, you might find yourself overwhelmed and confused about what to do and where to go during your visit. Don’t worry because this list includes the best things to do and places to see during your Sicily getaway.

Be in Awe of the Alcantara Gorge

Visit Sicily, Italy: Things to Do & Places to See

Taormina is home to the Alcantara Gorge, which is nothing short of majestic. The jaw-dropping 150-foot natural wonder has numerous exciting activities for adventurous and relaxed travelers.

Those who are up to the challenge can climb the trails to get a picturesque view of the rock formation. Go for a refreshing dip in the cold waters afterward, or try canyoning or body rafting for a more thrilling experience.

Explore the Ancient Towns

Visit Sicily, Italy: Things to Do & Places to See

History buffs will surely find ultimate delight at the historical sites in Ortigia and Syracuse. The ancient towns are home to history-filled squares, monuments, and other notable ruins. The Ear of Dionysus is a must-see attraction. It’s a massive cave shaped like an ear that’s a sight to behold. Another magnificent sight to visit is the Temple of Apollo, with its columns that boast intricate designs.

Explore Cefalu

Visit Sicily, Italy: Things to Do & Places to See

Cefalu is a fishing town that is beautiful in its own right. It is a picture-perfect spot with colorful boats lined up. You can choose from the many beaches and resorts by the sea that offer more opportunities for a relaxing swim. Architecture lovers can also drop by the cathedrals with their Norman and Arab influences.

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Go Island Hopping

Visit Sicily, Italy: Things to Do & Places to See

Sicily is known for its island-hopping adventures, with the nearby islands offering distinct experiences for every type of traveler. The trails and beautiful coves of the Aegean Islands never fail to lure mountain lovers, while a one-of-a-kind adventure is in store for you at the volcanic Aeolian Islands.

Travel Back in Time to a Medieval Town

Visit Sicily, Italy: Things to Do & Places to See

In addition to the famed ancient ruins, the medieval quarters of Sicily were also remarkably preserved. One of these is Erice, perched on a rocky cliff that overlooks Trapani.

You will feel like you have traveled back in time as you immerse yourself in a stroll around the streets. See buildings that date back to the Middle Ages, from grandiose castles and churches to small medieval shops.

Have Fun Under the Sun at Mondello Beach

Visit Sicily, Italy: Things to Do & Places to See

No Sicily trip will ever be complete if you don’t visit the island’s gorgeous islands. One of these is none other than Mondello Beach, which is only a quick drive from Palermo.

Go for a pleasant stroll on the stretch of sand as you soak in the warm sun of Italy. Bright-colored cabins and villas add a more unique character to the beautiful views of the beach.

Admire the Cathedral of Grand Monreale

Visit Sicily, Italy: Things to Do & Places to See

Monreale’s Cathedral is located on a hillside not too far from the capital. The cathedral dates as far back as the 12th century and was built in a classy Norman style.

The cathedral features a golden mosaic interior and a Benedictine walkway with a lush courtyard and garden. You can also climb the tower nearby, where you can see a spectacular view of Sicily.

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Enjoy Time in Monte Cofano to Reconnect with Nature

Visit Sicily, Italy: Things to Do & Places to See

Sicily has preserved nature’s gifts in many sanctuaries found all over the island. Monte Cofano Natural Reserve is one of the most delightfully splendid and less crowded retreats in the area.

The reserve showcases quiet trails, panoramic seaside views, and gorgeous landscapes that let you immerse yourself in the beauty of nature. You can even hike to the summit of Mount Cofano to take the experience to greater heights.

Reach the Summit of Mount Etna

Visit Sicily, Italy: Things to Do & Places to See

Speaking of heights, you will find one of Europe’s tallest volcanoes, Mount Etna, on Sicily’s east coast. The volcano is also one of the world’s most active ones, covering more than 220 square miles, or approximately 20 towns.

See the Baroque Buildings in Ragusa, Modica, and Noto

Visit Sicily, Italy: Things to Do & Places to See

If you are a fan of Baroque architecture, Noto, Ragusa, and Modica are the best towns to visit. Wander around these historic centers located in the southeastern region of Sicily.

The towns are filled with palaces, churches, and cathedrals rich in history and boasting the signature Baroque style. Visitors can also enjoy the most authentic Sicilian experience as they tour the three towns.

Wander Around Palermo

Visit Sicily, Italy: Things to Do & Places to See

As you tour around Sicily, it would be hard to miss the chance to explore the capital. This Sicilian metropolis has over 2,700 years of history and is rich in architecture and culture.

Browse the lively markets in the area to grab a bite of Sicily’s famous street foods. You can also drop by Teatro Massimo to watch an opera show.

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Check out the Salt Pans

Visit Sicily, Italy: Things to Do & Places to See

If you are traveling to Sicily with your children, don’t miss the opportunity to drive to the west coast, where you can see the salt pans near Nubia. You can even ride a train to see the amusing sights of salt covering the ground.

You will surely find yourself holding your breath as you admire the heaping salt piles as they dry out under the sun. For a more authentic experience, you can learn how salt is made directly from the locals.

Appreciate the Wonders of Scala dei Turchi

Visit Sicily, Italy: Things to Do & Places to See

The Scala dei Turchi is a limestone formation that resembles a staircase, which explains its name. Admire its breathtaking scenery, which is surrounded by fine sand beaches and turquoise sea water.

Discover the History of Selinunte Temple

Visit Sicily, Italy: Things to Do & Places to See

You will find the acclaimed archaeological city in Selinunte Temple, which serves as the home to several temples overlooking the vast sea. Two different sites offer several temples waiting for you to explore. While there, grab the chance to watch the splendid view as the sun sets on the horizon on the temple grounds.

Visit Sicily soon, and be sure to visit these places and try the different activities they offer!


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