What are the Next Luxury Travel Trends?

Luxury travellers of the bygone days were more than happy to stay in their five-star accommodation, rarely exploring the area. Today, however, luxury travel has seen dramatic changes as luxe travellers become bolder and more daring. 

People are also starting to take a keen interest in trying local food and experiencing local customs now more than ever. However, there is a new challenge, and that is doing everything in a safe and socially distanced way. 

This resulted in the birth of new luxury travel trends that are expected to hit it big in the next few months. 

1. A Sense of Place

What are the Next Luxury Travel Trends?

Luxury travellers want their accommodations to reflect how they feel about themselves – unique and stylish. Instead of bland cuisine and décor, they prefer accommodations featuring local food and artworks for a better sense of the place. 

2. Attention to Detail

What are the Next Luxury Travel Trends?

Attention to detail can go a long way. It is the guest amenities that truly make hotels and resorts shine and stand out from the rest. Things like the motto of the day, butler service, and even bicycles will be much appreciated by luxe travellers. 

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3. Private and Customized Tours

Many luxury travellers now prefer to take part in planning a tour of the destination. It has something to do with their desire of getting to know more about the place they are visiting. Instead of large group tours, luxury travellers want their tours to be private and customized. 

4. Experiential Travel

Unique things bring more happiness than material things. Immersive travel is all about a different way of life and connecting with the local communities. Experiential travel is the hottest buzzword that encompasses authentic experiences, exclusivity, insider knowledge, and trying new things. 

5. Flexibility of Travel

Seasoned luxury travellers don’t want a cookie-cutter approach to their getaways. Instead, they expect luxury brands to have a can-do attitude and flexibility. From flexible itineraries to flexible dining, flexibility is the keyword. 

6. Frictionless Travel

With today’s travel getting more complicated, today’s luxury travellers are looking for ways to simplify and ease their journeys. They now aim for the so-called frictionless travel, streamlining the experiences to take the hassle and stress out of the trip. 

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7. Hidden Gems

What are the Next Luxury Travel Trends?

While iconic destinations will continue to be popular, more and more luxury travellers seek out off-the-beaten-path places. It is partly because of the efforts of tourism organizations to cut back on over-tourism. Visiting less popular destinations and learning about local culture make up responsible tourism. 

8. Personalized Travel

A personalized experience is no doubt the most vital element of any luxury trip. From the moment they arrive to the day that they leave the accommodation, luxury travellers prefer their trips to be tailored to them. 

9. Responsible Travel

What are the Next Luxury Travel Trends?

Despite not being a major factor when choosing where to stay, luxury travellers are increasingly paying attention to sustainability. 

10. Safe Travel

The pandemic devastated both the travel industry and the travellers themselves. In the next years. hotels and destinations need to give their guests a reassuring and safe experience. Luxury travellers will continue to pick their destination based on vaccine take-up and perceived safety. 

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These luxury travel trends will soon shape the travel industry to offer the best experiences! 


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