What to Do in London on a Rainy Day | Black Platinum Gold

London is a wonderful city, however – unfortunately – it often gets a lot of rain. But don’t let the rain stop you from enjoying the city to the fullest. Read on and discover what to do in London on a rainy day:

Hit the Cinemas 

While it is always an amazing experience to watch a film at the cinema, especially on rainy days, you can make it extra special in London by heading to any of the fantastic independent cinemas in the city. 

Any of the excellent Everyman venues, Islington’s Screen on the Green, the Curzon Soho, and Hackney Picturehouse are some of the popular recommendations you can try. Just remember that the theaters here are smaller, but the food and drink selections are nicer than your usual cinemas.

Play a Fun Round of Golf

Now, you probably raised your eyebrow with this one. But urban golf is a hot trend in London. It is golf but this time, without lost balls, tedious walking, and rainy weather to bother you. You can hire golfing simulators in two venues and enjoy a round out of the rain with a cold drink and a bite to eat on the side. Urban Golf operates in Farringdon and Soho so book ahead of time. 

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Experience Covered Market Shopping 

Markets can be found at every nook and corner of London. The most popular ones are Borough, Camden, and Spitalfields markets. However, there are also smaller ones that offer excellent shopping complete with covers to protect shoppers from the rain and enjoy them regardless of the weather.

What to Do in London on a Rainy Day | Black Platinum Gold

Covent Garden is recommended for some out-of-the-rain fun where you can shop, enjoy tasty food, and catch talented buskers. You can also go to Greenwich if you prefer a little less busy market. 

Sip Some Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea is one of the British traditions that continue to be practiced to this day. The city of London is home to excellent spots where you can enjoy tea, cake, sandwich, and a scone from the grandest hotels to the small cafes. 

Among the more famous places include The Ritz, The Savoy, Claridge’s, Fortnum and Mason, and the classy and traditional Milestone Hotel. While it comes at a price, it won’t leave you disappointed, and most venues make it cozier when it is rainy outside. 

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Explore a Museum

What to Do in London on a Rainy Day | Black Platinum Gold

This one is probably the most obvious thing to do in London on a rainy day. It is almost a given considering that London serves as the home to some of the world’s finest museums, such as the world-renowned British Museum, Science Museum, Victoria and Albert, and the Natural History Museum. But what makes these museums more enticing to visit is that you don’t have to pay for anything to get inside. 

Spend a Time at a Pub

What to Do in London on a Rainy Day | Black Platinum Gold

Nothing beats a London pub when it is rainy, cold, and grey outside. Most of the public houses in the city retained the atmosphere and character they had when they have originally established hundreds of years ago. It won’t take you long to find one with great ales on tap and a roaring fire to keep you company in cold weather. 

Rainy days in London don’t have to be dull. Try these activities and beat the rainy blues!

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