What to Pack for a Trip Abroad

Going on a trip abroad is always an exciting time. But the last thing you want is to arrive in your hotel room only to discover that you forgot to pack some essentials.

To save yourself from the trouble of facing the consequences of forgetting things during your overseas travel, here is a quick overview of what to pack for a trip abroad:


Your prescription medicines, if you have any, should always be on top of your most critical must-bring items. It can be time-consuming and even downright difficult to get a new prescription in an unfamiliar place. It is especially true when the country you are going to has different regulations for prescription medicines, which means that you might not even be able to access yours at all.

What to Pack for a Trip Abroad

First Aid Supplies

Aside from prescriptions, it also comes in handy to have a basic first aid kit with you when traveling abroad. You can buy a kit that already contains all the necessities or prepare your own. Emergency or not, this kit can ensure your safety when you are in a foreign land. 

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Copies of Travel Documents

You will obviously need to check and double-check that you got all the necessary travel documents and their copies with you at all times. These documents often include your passport, another backup form of identification if you got one, and also a visa, which depends on how long, where, and when you are traveling. The copies of these documents could make a big difference if you lost the original ones, and you need to obtain new identification. 

A Safe Small Bag

A safe and small bag is a must because this is where you can keep all your essential travel documents, credit cards, and money that you can easily take with you anywhere you go. If possible, try to look for a concealable one or something specially designed for anti-theft purposes.  


No matter where you go, always make sure that you got all your electronics with you and their respective chargers. Aside from these, you might also need to bring adapters for the chargers to ensure that you can use them once you arrive at your destination. 

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What to Pack for a Trip Abroad

Take note that some countries have power outlets that look different from those in your home country, not to mention that they may also emit varying amounts of electricity. 

Using an incorrect adapter may pose the risk of blowing a fuse. To stay on the safe side, use a universal travel adapter that you can plug in most outlets, and can convert the charge to the appropriate voltage. 

Weather Gear

Weather is one of the trickiest aspects of overseas travel so regardless of the forecast, make sure you pack all the right weather gear. For sunny skies, you need sunglasses, sunscreen, a hat, and other essentials you need to bring when the sun is out. 

For rainy days, be sure to pack an umbrella and light rain jacket. These simple items can make a big difference in terms of budget and comfortability since you no longer need to buy them at your destination with your credit card or travel money. 

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Other essentials to pack during your trip abroad include a reusable water bottle, laundry stuff, other toiletries, and snacks.


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