What You Need to Know About Semi-Private Jet Travel

For an average person, a private jet flight is way out of their budget. It makes it nothing but a far-fetched dream for many people unless they snag a free leg flight that is very unreliable and rare.

On the other hand, commercial flights can be very frustrating and annoying, on top of many health-related risks. Good thing that semi-private jet travel is here to the rescue.

What You Need to Know About Semi-Private Jet Travel

Read on below to know more about this unique flight experience:

What is a Semi-Private Jet Travel?

It is easy to assume that semi-private means it is half commercial and half private. However, this is not the case. A semi-private jet travel is a special type of air travel that is more private and luxurious compared to flying commercially. It is also somewhat less than private travel, particularly in privacy terms. 

When you choose a semi-private flight, it gives you a chance to enjoy the perks that private flying has to offer. These perks include gates, luxury terminals, quick boarding and passport control, and no more waiting in line. There are also cases when you can enjoy more luxury than these, such as catering and other special concierge services.

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What You Need to Know About Semi-Private Jet Travel

But just don’t expect that you will receive the same level of treatment shown in movies where you will be offered shrimps or champagne. This is not realistic at all, even for fully private flights. What you should look forward to instead is a pleasant flight in a cozy private atmosphere with six to 20 passengers around you, depending on the specific type of plane you are on.  

How Much Do Semi-Private Flights Cost?

Semi-private tickets still belong to the high-end category although these are not in any way near the prices you will pay if you book a private jet. Expect to spend at least $990 although prices may vary according to the following factors:

  • Destination

The destination is the main factor that will affect the price you will pay. It doesn’t only involve the mileage you like to pass but even the country you wish to visit. Different charges will also apply because of your trip’s cross-border character. 

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Semi-private flight operators also provide fewer routes than expected compared to regular private and commercial flight operators. 

  • Type of Jet

Most companies also base the prices of their flights on the size or type of jet. For example, if your aircraft of transport is a turboprop plane, it will be more affordable compared to a mid-size jet. Heavy jets will be more expensive although there are instances when flying with them is cheaper because of their bigger capacity, causing a drop in the price of individual tickets.

What You Need to Know About Semi-Private Jet Travel

Companies also pay attention to the engine or the engines built in the aircraft. Twin-turbo engines will take you to your destination faster than single piston engines. But remember that luxury flying is not only about power and speed. Instead, it is more about comfort and how you are treated. 

Are you ready to experience the perks of semi-private jet travel? Book your flight soon!


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