What's Hot Right Now In Luxury Travel?

Luxury travel is constantly evolving. Every year, cities add new festivals, new art pieces, and new destinations for globetrotters to explore and experience. As the world slowly emerges from the cocoon of quarantining during COVID-19, it would seem that the world’s explorers are starting to remember that there are locations out there besides their own living rooms – so what spots are hot right now? 


While Europe was one of the first continents to begin exploring the world, now it’s home to some of the world’s most-visited vacation spots. 


What's Hot Right Now In Luxury Travel?

In recent years, Greece has struggled with financial turmoils, but their vacation spots have remained as stunning as ever. Crete remains an idyllic island paradise, flush with fresh, local cuisine and gorgeous vistas. Views of the Mediterranean ocean from the Cayo Exclusive Resort & Spa are some of the most mesmerizing this isle has to offer. 

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What's Hot Right Now In Luxury Travel?

If having your Weezer moment on an island in the sun isn’t for you, maybe visiting some European tundras will satisfy your craving for adventure – in a luxury setting, of course. The unique experience at the chic, isolated hotel of Arctic Bath is unlike any other. Between tasting the local culinary offerings and lounging in the hotel’s spa, explore the snowy Swedish wilderness via sea kayaks, snow bikes, and sleds (with huskies attached, of course). 


It’s impossible to bring up European travel destinations without highlighting what is perhaps the crown jewel of international experiences: the sights, smells, and tastes of Italy. Relax in the shade of a Calabrian covered terrace, before venturing out to soak in the Mediterranean sun and explore the Marine Reserve of Capo Rizzuto, or some of Calabria’s famed mountain peaks. 

If Calabria isn’t on your travel list this year, perhaps Venice sounds more appealing. Stay on a private island that’s isolated from the main city, from which you can venture out to explore the city’s canals and historic architecture. 

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What's Hot Right Now In Luxury Travel?

Right now, Portugal is one of Europe’s hottest travel destinations. From the beaches of the Algarve to the nation’s grand archipelagos, Portugal has destinations for nature lovers, foodies, and classic tourists. Luxury abounds in Braga, which was recently voted the best European travel destination of 2021. 


The culture, cuisine, and monumental sights offered by Asian destinations are too numerous to count. Let’s quickly discuss some Asian locations that are drawing in crowds. 


What's Hot Right Now In Luxury Travel?

Tokyo is a hotspot for nature tourists hoping to catch cherry blossoms as they bloom, with spring Festivals occurring right now for the next few weeks. With Japan’s different climate regions, there are plenty of other opportunities throughout the year to witness this stunning sight, including Tohoku and Hokkaido. 

South Korea

What's Hot Right Now In Luxury Travel?

South Korea prepares for the springtime with festive cherry-inspired foods and coffeehouses celebrating the arrival of new life and new eyes to witness it.

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