What’s Trending in Luxury Travel Right Now? | Black Platinum Gold

With the global pandemic now easing down on restrictions and the travel industry slowly rebuilding itself, there is no denying that how people explore the world around them has changed in many ways than one forever. 

Below are some of the latest trends in luxury travel right now:

Personalization at Its Finest

The pandemic resulted in a massive shift in the ultra-wealthy travellers’ priorities and factors like reliability, safety, and privacy take precedence over price. 

As sectors like private jet charter seeing a subsequent increase in demand, the businesses that rose above the rest were those that don’t just look after the flight but also go above and beyond by offering luxury and well-executed concierge services for clients. These businesses ensure that travellers felt well-catered for and protected throughout the trip. 

What’s Trending in Luxury Travel Right Now? | Black Platinum Gold

In the following year, it is expected that businesses outside hospitality shifting to suit the high expectations of travellers and come up with their specialties to exclusively cater to this. 

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Deep Rooted Detox

What’s Trending in Luxury Travel Right Now? | Black Platinum Gold

While the trend is already prominent even before the pandemic, all the events that occurred since 2020 have unquestionably opened people’s eyes to the importance of physical and mental well-being. With the lifting of travel restrictions, more and more travellers will want to reverse the effects of the two years on their bodies and minds. 

Branded Residences Taking the Spotlight 

The increasing demand for high-end luxury residential properties inspired many hospitality brands to enter the market of branded residences. They seek to offer their expert service levels and unique style as a long-term living solution. 

With the flexibility of work routines and with most people no longer confined to their regular schedules, these branded residences will probably be acquired by people who want to equally split their time between two destinations. 

More Privatized Escapes

What’s Trending in Luxury Travel Right Now? | Black Platinum Gold

Journeys are not the only ones that are becoming more privatized because even hotels now capitalize on heightened demand for luxury buyouts and exclusive-use destinations. It doesn’t matter if it is a private villa, yacht, or even an entire island, guests are attracted not just to enhanced security and safety but also to an ability to come up with completely bespoke experiences. 

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Quality Over Quantity

Today’s travellers are seeking longer holidays because of more flexible work routines and pent-up demand. The trend will witness holidaymakers that favour a handful of long trips instead of several short ones to experience every destination to the fullest. 

Travel Industry Renewal 

Probably the inadvertent advantage of this year is the fact that destinations that used to suffer from over-tourism have now recovered. Famous destinations were getting large crowds of visitors that resulted in overloaded infrastructure, alienation of locals, and even damage to nature.

What’s Trending in Luxury Travel Right Now? | Black Platinum Gold

With the rebuilding of the travel and tourism industry, efforts to prevent a resurgent crisis have been put in place. Travellers now look for destinations that will allow them to leave a more positive impact. 

The Family Bucket List

Families have been kept apart because of limits on household mixing and travel restrictions. As travel opens doors again, families now go on their much-awaited reunion trips to spend more quality time together in travel destinations suitable for multi-generational groups. 

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Other trends in luxury travel include the return of long-haul, well-being in design, and wellness for pets.


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