Where to go on vacation in Fall 2022: three tips!

Where to go on vacation in Fall 2022: three tips!

Where to go in fall 2022 for a September, October and November vacation in warm weather or to cities and capitals in Europe perfect for a low-cost weekend of discovery and relaxation.

Where to go on an autumn vacation? Clear skies, melancholy blue evenings and cities in constant transformation… The arrival of autumn brings with it new promises and new beginnings, as green gives way to the magic of foliage and that soft carpet of purple and gold leaves capable of making any landscape unique. Perfect weather for a warm weather vacation in November, or for a weekend getaway to some of the world’s most beautiful cities, from London to Florence, via Rome, famous for its “octoberfests,” to Brussels, when it is pleasant to alternate between a visit to a museum and a stop in a dusty, dreamy café or bookstore. Not forgetting the possibility of a small beach vacation, just a few hours’ flight from home, whether in Sicily, bustling Tel Aviv or a beautiful Canary Island. Fall is the perfect time to snatch two days from an already busy schedule and treat yourself to a moment of discovery, adventure and novelty. But where to go on vacation in the Fall?

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Here are our three recommendations:


Discovered by an Italian, the Genoese Lanzerotto Malocello, in the early 14th century, Lanzarote is the easternmost island of the eight that make up the Spanish Canary Islands archipelago and the one closest to the African coast. Declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, Lanzarote partiene a lunar beauty that comes to it from a history of extraordinary eruptions and the inspiration of César Manrique, the Canarian artist who was able to shape the sinuous contours of the isla, and its secret cavities, into unforgettable places. Mountains and volcanoes, natural pools and cactus gardens, golden beaches, salt marshes and rocks overlooking the ocean, lakes and underground pathways… Lanzarote is a perfect destination for a weekend getaway in the fall, a special destination that knows how to always surprise and capable of leaving everyone breathless.


Where better to go in the fall than to one of Portugal’s sunny and beautiful cities? And if you have already been to Lisbon, I recommend that you do not miss Porto. You might find yourself on a small boat cutting into sunlit banks the waters of the river that has carved its wake of green in the north of the country over the centuries, among terraces of vines and UNESCO World Heritage valleys. Sinuous streets of sweet wine and facades covered in azulejos. Porto is a song of salty stories and Portugal a serious fado from which I would never want to untie myself, and which will manage to tickle with melancholy all the strings of your heart with every glance.

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Eastern Sicily

The sea dotted with sails, blue and stretched out; the refusal of children to get out of the water, urged on by a shrieking mother; the climb to a rock, on which you climb barefoot, to enjoy the view. Sicily is an ideal travel destination for an autumn vacation, an astonishing land, rich in UNESCO World Heritage Sites, warmed by the kindness of welcoming people, generous with unspoiled and serene landscapes, white beaches lapped by turquoise waters and restless volcanoes. A collection of sun-ripened baroque gems, with a history written by many different faces and cultures, that will also be able to bewitch you with the aromas of its cuisine, with the sweetness of an ancient chocolate and a passito wine. From Catania to Syracuse, via Noto to Scicli and Modica, a weekend in Eastern Sicily is an appointment with beauty not to be missed.

Where to go on vacation in Fall 2022: three tips!
Where to go on vacation in Fall 2022: three tips!

Where to go on vacation in Fall 2022: three tips!


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