Where to Live in Rome: The Most Exclusive Neighbourhoods

A total of 21 neighbourhoods make up Rome, and thanks to its long history that dates as far back as 753 BC, it is almost a given that each district boasts at least one historical monument. 

If you have plans to move to Rome soon, or you are just curious about the place, you might be interested to learn about its most exclusive neighbourhoods, which include the following:


Romans who prefer to stay away from the large crowds choose to live in the residential area of Aventino. Its location is to the south of the city center that doesn’t get a lot of tourists.

Where to Live in Rome: The Most Exclusive Neighbourhoods

But this is no doubt one of the best neighbourhoods to live in, that is if your budget allows it. It is verdant and dotted with elegant villas and enveloped in an air of calmness and peace you can never find in many areas in Rome. The older and more affluent citizens prefer this district because of the exquisite and great lifestyle it offers. 

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Parioli is another favorite neighbourhood among older wealthy Romans. It is located to the north of the city center and not a lot of tourists walk around in the area.

Where to Live in Rome: The Most Exclusive Neighbourhoods

The place is a residential area with not a lot of interesting sights to see as far as historical monuments are concerned. But this area is great to live in and is also perfect for those planning to raise a family. 

The infrastructure in Parioli is also good and the neighbourhood is safe and nice as a whole with only a few tourists walking around taking photos. If you have always dreamt of living among the classy Romans, this is the best place to be. 


Where to Live in Rome: The Most Exclusive Neighbourhoods

Prati is Rome’s 22nd rione or district. This is an ancient area that borders the Tiber River and the Vatican. This is where you can find an exciting assortment of hotels, restaurants, and bars. It is a fancy area and passing right through it is one of Rome’s most prominent shopping streets, the Via Cola di Rienzo. However, not a lot of locals live in the place, with all the businesses and tourists driving up the prices here. 

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Testaccio can be found in the south of the city center, just a stone’s throw away from the Porta Portese and Piramide di Caio Cestio.

Where to Live in Rome: The Most Exclusive Neighbourhoods

Back in the day, it was a poor blue-color neighbourhood, but not too long ago, it started to gentrify and became Rome’s hipster capital. This is dotted with a bunch of gorgeous restaurants, various nightclubs, and an exciting selection of cool cafes. 

Not a lot of tourists crowd the area, at least not at the same as other parts of town. Prices in the area are rising fast, which means if you have plans to invest in Rome, it is an area you might want to consider. This is also an ideal spot for young people who want to be away from the foreign crowds and party with the locals instead.


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