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São Paulo, the biggest metropolitan in Brazil, the Americas, and the southern half of the globe, brims with multistory buildings and throbs with energy. It’s Brazil’s financial hub, flaunting the highest GDP in the nation and positioning among the best ten most costly metropolises to live in, in front of Milan, Paris, and New York City. 

São Paulo is a city of standouts, where the native mega-wealthy class has the limelight versus a milieu of absolute poverty. With no less than 1500 bank branches & 70 extravagant shopping centers, the prosperous side of this metropolis lives to spend. The aftermath of many years of galloping inflation is starting to scatter. 

Nowadays, credit is free and São Paulo has taken on a genuine practice work-life balance ethic. Its home to various high-profile celebrations, events, and parades also presently brag the most noteworthy focus German & Swedish organizations on the planet. 

Labeled the city of drizzle (Cidade da Garoa), São Paulo is infamous for its untrustworthy climate. Luckily, if the speed of the city and the downpour become an excessive amount to deal with, the remainder of Brazil in its brilliance of seashores and mountains is directly on your doorway.  

Is São Paulo A Secure Location To Live? 

Actually, in any case, São Paulo is truly a moderately secure city to stay in! You simply need to identify where to stay away from and be watchful around evening time. Most residents will have vehicles, so can stay out from public transport and stroll alone at night. Similarly, as with any huge metropolis around the globe, one concern is air contamination. 

Areas To Go 

  • Rua Augusta
  • Minhocão
  • Paulista Avenue
  • Praça da Sé
  • MASP
  • Galeria do Rock
  • Mercado Municipal
  • Edificio Copan
  • Sala São Paulo
  • Rua 25 de março
  • Beco do Batman
  • Pinacoteca
  • Vila Madalena
  • Parque Ibirapuera
  • Largo da Batata
  • MAM
  • Oca
  • Estação da Luz
  • Cidade Universitária
  • Av. Faria Lima
  • Bexiga neighbourhood
  • Liberdade neighborhood
  • Estádio do Pacaembu and Museu do Futebol
  • MAC (Museu de Arte Contemporânea) 

Put Your Spare Time To Great Use

São Paulo doesn’t permit you to get bored. There are numerous social and frivolous activities to pick from, certain of which are free. 

  • There are a few well-known events, like the renowned Carnival 
  • Fashion is a big thing in this chic city. South America’s most esteemed Fashion Week takes place biannually in São Paulo 
  • Brazilians are mad about football, and who wouldn’t be with such incredible groups. São Paulo has shaped three fruitful groups – São Paulo, the Corinthians, and Palmeiras
  • Art devotees can partake in various museums, the most well-known being São Paulo Art Museum 
  • Nightclubs, restaurants, and bars are plentiful. 
  • Overlook moving to São Paulo if you don’t enjoy music, street artists, and entertainers since they’re all over the place 
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São Paulo: The Most Exclusive Neighborhoods 

São Paulo is one of the priciest cities to reside in Brazil and the chief Brazilian city concerning economy, São Paulo has over 11 million individuals. The most exclusive neighborhoods of São Paulo are: 


Jardins is a region made by the neighborhoods of Jardim Europa, Jardim Paulista, Jardim América, Jardim Paulistano and Cerqueira César. Each of these high-class neighborhoods is situated southern to Avenida Paulista, to the Pinheiros River. It’s one of the most prominent spots in São Paulo city.

Itaim Bibi 

Situated in the western area of the metropolis, Itaim Bibi is an exclusive neighborhood in São Paulo city. Its adjacent houses significant architectonic milestones, for example, Hyatt Hotel, Octávio Farias de Oliveira Bridge, and Globo TV network to give some examples. A few financial centers are placed at Itaim Bibi and near Parque do Povo, a key green region in São Paulo. 


An upscale area situated in the Central/South zone of São Paulo city, Moema has a huge existence of American ex-pats. It has probably the most upper echelons of the standard of living in São Paulo. Other than offering an extremely high degree of life quality, Moema is likewise exceptionally near to Congonhas airport. 

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Morumbi & Jóquei Clube 

Positioned in the western part of the metropolis, Morumbi is an area renowned for its upscale neighborhoods. It’s frequently portrayed as the exemplary illustration of the city disparity, as it’s encircled by favelas. 

The region houses the State Government Headquarter (which is the home of the State governor), significant hospitals, the lavish Cidade Jardim Shopping center, and the city Jockey Club, aside from being near to the University of São Paulo, where there is a key green region. 

Brooklin & Vila Olímpia 

Placed in the Southern region of São Paulo city, Brooklin is presently split into two chief parts: Brooklin Velho (Old Brooklin) & Brooklin Novo (New Brooklin). The first is more residential, whereas the second one is the place where key multinational organizations are found. 

Vila Olímpia houses a few offices for multinational organizations like Santander Gathering, Unilever, Motorola, Gol plus Facebook’s first Latin American office. The neighborhood is additionally popular for its bars & clubs. 

Brooklin Novo is the spot where the head offices for firms such as Nokia, Nestlé, Terra Networks, HBO Brasil, and the financial center of Av. Engenheiro Luís Carlos Berrini are situated. It is additionally near to main streets, to the Hilton Hotel and the train station. 

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Jardim Europa 

Situated in the western part of São Paulo town, Jardim Europa is an upscale neighborhood where a few social organizations are found. With a larger part of upscale residences, the neighborhood is the home for very notable Brazilian personalities like ex-mayor Marta Suplicy and soccer player Kaká of the Brazilian soccer team. 

The region is extremely near to vital museums and to Parque do Povo, a noteworthy green zone in the city. 

Ibirapuera/Vila Nova Conceição 

The incredibly pricey area in São Paulo city, Ibirapuera/Vila Nova Conceição houses vital public buildings. Uniquely, in contrast to Jardim Europa, which has a greater part of houses; Ibirapuera has its residential district typically limited to buildings. 

The closeness to Parque Ibirapuera, the principal park in São Paulo’s metropolis, facilitating a few noteworthy cultural events each year, is the direct liable for forming the Ibirapuera neighborhood the most costly in São Paulo. 

Alto de Pinheiros 

Set in the Western zone of São Paulo city, Alto de Pinheiros is a posh area. Generally a neighborhood, it has a solid presence of Europeans and Americans, specifically Austrians, German and Swiss. The region is situated close to major streets, to Universidade de São Paulo, and Villa Lobos Park. 


Living in São Paulo, Brazil will without a doubt be a testing & gratifying experience. Learn as far as you can and capitalize on it!


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