Which Greek Island Should You Choose?

Greece is a country riddled with beautiful beaches, gorgeous landscapes, amazing food, and a culture you can’t help but fall in love with. With so much to do and see, it’s no wonder why over 30 million people come to visit Greece every year. But there’s a head-scratching question that plagues the mind of anyone planning a vacation here: With over 200 gorgeous islands to choose from, which Greek island should you travel to?

Which island is the best for a vacation?

Each Greek Island is unique and has its own personality to it, and it’s impossible to see everything from just one island.

Landmarks like the Temple of Aphaia are located on the island of Aegina. Sifnos and Crete are some of the places to go for food lovers wanting to experience the best of Greek cuisine. Mykonos has breathtaking golden beaches that come to mind when people think about Greece. Meanwhile Corfu has its natural scenery that is serene and beautiful beyond words. These are just a few examples of how much there is to see across all the Greek islands.

There is no “best” island in Greece. Each one is gorgeous in its own right and has something unique to offer. That’s something to keep in mind when planning out a vacation here, and it’s why many Greek retreats usually involve some sort of Odyssey, where vacationers will hop from island to island to experience as much of everything as they can. Whether you’re looking for history, food, natural landscapes, culture, nightlife, or anything else- there is an island that will be perfect for you.

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The most iconic island

With all that said, if you are asking us about our opinion on one of the best Greek islands to visit, we would highly recommend the island of Santorini. This is one of the most iconic and popular Greek islands, best known for those white buildings with blue rooftops. If you’re looking for one of the best islands to visit for a first-time Greek vacation or an all-around Greek experience, then this is going to be one of the best islands to see.

The cities here are not only gorgeous, they’re rich in Greek culture and events. It somehow reaches a perfect balance between having a lot to do without being too crazy. Here you’ll find an active night life, as well as some of the best restaurants to visit in Greece.

But beyond the cities, the natural scenes in Santorini are just as beautiful to experience. The sunset, looking out over the ocean and with vibrant colors, and has been described as one of the most beautiful among the Greek islands. While it might not be home to the white sand or gold sand beaches Greece is known for, the beaches on Santorini are nonetheless just as impressive. Being on a once-active volcano, Santorini beaches take on a darker hue. One of the most famous is Kamari beach, also known as the black sand beach. The volcanic soil and beautiful year-round weather also bring the natural landscape to life, creating green scenery that is sure to leave you in awe.

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Our pick for the “best” Greek island might not be an original opinion, but there is a reason Santorini is one of, if not the, most popular Greek islands to visit. from honeymooners to travelers of all experience levels, this Greek Island is a great place to visit for nearly anyone. But the only way to fully understand is to come down and see the islands for yourself. Believe us when we say you will not regret it.


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