Whiskey on the Orient Express: Top 3 Distilleries in the Warm East

William Faulkner said: “My own experience has been that the tools I need for my trade are paper, tobacco, food, and a little whiskey.

This quote seems to fit very well in these particular times, while we are staying at home, engaged in some apparently unusual activities, given the busy routine which we are frequently bound to.

But why have we chosen whiskey as topic? As connoisseurs surely know, this is one of the most important and consumed spirit in the world, which also happens to embody the symbol of the struggle between England and America for the latter’s independence.

More popular among men’s taste, we’re proposing a meeting point to reach women’s interest too, relating whiskey to the east side of the world, which is one of the most important producing regions: we are referring to JapanTaiwan and India.

Currently, due to the Covid-19 emergency, we are not allowed to physically travel, but we can wander across these amazing countries with our mind, and maybe drawing up an early future wish-list:


Since the time began, Japan is well known for its fascinating culture and its suggestive landscapes.

Generally, people have always been travelling throughout this country looking up and appreciating a great number of places such as the frenzy of Tokyo, the breathtaking sight of Mount Fuji, or searching for the peace of mind that the sight of cherry blossoms inspire in Kyoto.

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And what about the amazing Japanese cousine? Surely everyone is aware of the refined taste of sushi, which have become one of the most requested food all over the world, the warm embrace of ramen, the environment-friendly plates of tofu and natto or the depuration you get by sipping green tea.

However, our aim here is to focus on whiskey, therefore we obviously might mention the most important producer in Japan: The Suntory Distillery, which was founded in 1923 by Shinjiro Torii, whose purpose was reaching the Japanese’s table to enhance their dining experience with a drink which could make the Scottish one turn into another one, typically Japanese, using just one tool: the wonderful nature where they lived in.

Nowadays, the Suntory Distilleries are specialized in various kind of precious whiskey, such as YamazakiHakushuChitaHibiki or Toki.


Also known as “Isle of Formosa”, Taiwan isn’t usually among the common travel destinations when tourists book a trip.

But we are here to lead you all into this beautiful place: first of all, for the ones who love enter the nature to take the plug out from the noise of the city-life, Taiwan offers such an extent of wild mountains, like Jaid Mountain, the tallest one, Teapot Mountain and Snow Mountain which draws an amazing landscape on the seaside, or the incredible Elephant Mountain and its attractive view on Taipei, the capital city.

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Taipei is a modern metropolis, well-known for its Taipei 101, a bamboo-shaped skyscraper standing in the middle of the city, which – with its 509 metres of height – is famous for being the second tallest building in the world and can reward his visitors with a suggestive view. Since it contains a numbers of important brand shops, the city is always crowded and alive.

Furthermore, not everyone knows that Taiwan is renown for its food, really well-considered by connoisseurs. Moving on but keeping but standing on our target, the food-and-beverage’s field, we are bound to nominate the Kavalan Distillery: taking the name after the indigenous Kalavan people which stands between the seaside and the Yilan mountains, the distillery has won the Best Non-Scottish Whiskey’s prize on Whiskey Magazine, setting itself in the ranking of the most subtle and sophisticated whiskeys worldwide.


Probably everyone agrees with us: does not seem to need any further descriptions, due to the fame which carries with itself.

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Indeed, many of us will have seen photos of it, the great number of colors is perhaps the first thing that comes to mind: which is present in every corner of this country, especially during celebrations and festivals.

We also might talk about Bollywood, India’s very own film industry, Hindi Film, which enables the country to express its personal culture, despite the productions are not as common outside India, for now.

Due to its huge population, India presents a strange and uneven culture, characterized by plenty of features such as different religions, schools of thought, smells, music, tastes and flavors: one of these is known as Amrut, a brand of single malt whiskey that is the sanskrit translation of “nectar of the gods”.

Amrut Distilleries achieved the fame of one of the best whiskey houses after Jim Murray, a connoisseur, claimed that it was the third best in the world.


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