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Travel, tourism, luxury travel: We are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!

Black Platinum Gold, an innovator in luxury travel platforms, celebrates a successful first year in business despite launching during the Covid-19 global pandemic. Thanks to Covid vaccines, the western world is slowly returning to normal: You will then be able to travel more regularly!

But how can you guarantee yourself fantastic travel experiences with incredible offers? Black Platinum Gold selects the best travel experiences for you and offers them in the form of online auctions! You don’t know Black Platinum Gold? Who are we? Read the press review and get an idea of our reliability!

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Black Platinum Gold, a one of a kind luxury travel auctions platform, is celebrating a highly successful first year in business. The company has taken control of the interactions between travelers and hospitality companies in a way that has never been seen before. 

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Who are we? How long have we been involved in ‘luxury’ and travel?

Black Platinum Gold B.V. is a digital company specialised in the Luxury Market with a special focus on Luxury Travel. Over the past few years, Black Platinum Gold has worked and partnered together with many high-end luxury hospitality and lifestyle brands as a marketing consultant, communication strategy expert and digital content producer. Black Platinum Gold has recently implemented a new sales approach based on barter agreements with its partners, whose complimentary holidays and vouchers are provided to be sold at auctions on blackplatinumgold.com, in exchange of Black Platinum Gold’s expertise and B2B services.

How do we guarantee your trip after winning an auction?

Each auction is based on a direct agreement with the specified Brand/Hospitality business and secured by a signed contract between Black Platinum Gold and the second party. Customers are provided with both contact details of Black Platinum Gold’s team as well as the brand/hotel’s team.

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Who is Black Platinum Gold? Specialists in Luxury Travel!

Black Platinum Gold has also redesigned their platform to be accessible through an App. Participants can access the auctions through an app that is free to download from the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android). The App can be used on any device, including phone and tablet and is free of advertising and offers. Push notifications are also available so that auction updates are at a user’s fingertips. Travelers can bid on vacations from work, home or lying on the beach.

Who is Black Platinum Gold_ Specialists in Luxury Tourism!, online auctions luxury black platinum gold (3)
Who is Black Platinum Gold_ Specialists in Luxury Tourism!, online auctions luxury black platinum gold (3)


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