Why Mustique is the Favorite Caribbean Destination Among Celebrities

Mustique is a mysterious destination that attracts the world’s most famous people. But have you ever wondered why Mustique is the favorite Caribbean destination among celebrities? What draws not only celebrities but even members of the royal family to Mustique?

Famous names such as Raquel Welch and Paul Newman have paid a visit to Mustique. David Bowie, Bryan Adams, Tommy Hilfiger, and Mick Jagger all own a house or two on this island.

Through the years, Princess Margaret also spent time at her home in Mustique, and even the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William, and Kate Middleton are frequent visitors to the island.

With all these names, one cannot help but wonder what lures them to Mustique. What kind of magic does this island have that people find irresistible?

Why Mustique is the Favorite Caribbean Destination Among Celebrities

Why Do Celebrities Like Mustique?

One of the possible reasons why Mustique is among the favored getaways of celebrities is because it is a place where their villa becomes their hotel. Every meal is an affair and an experience in and of itself, satisfying every palate and taste bud.

You won’t even have to request a cocktail or a small canapé to ward off hunger because all of these are common staples on every table. Beach bags filled with supplies are also available. It is a place where seaweed is also cleaned off the sand to ensure that you indulge in nothing but 100% white powder.

While other Caribbean destinations like St. Barths, Barbados, and Jamaica are fun options for a quick getaway, nothing beats Mustique. The island may boast an air of simplicity, but it is the one-stop shop for the world’s highest-caliber celebrities for many good reasons.

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Mustique at a Glance

The private island of Mustique was founded in 1958 by the Scottish royal Lord Glenconner. Mustique is dotted with the private villas of the most private and understated celebrities. The island is a must-visit for those who have always dreamed of dancing with Mick Jagger himself at the acclaimed Basil’s Bar or joining Kate Middleton for a horseback ride.

Who needs a private pool when you can have three housekeepers, a private pond, and a posh dining room overlooking the pristine beach? You can go kayaking while conservationists are busy repairing the coral reefs into gorgeous spectacles for the most unforgettable scuba diving experience.

At Mustique, you don’t just get the usual luxury hotel, although you can always opt to stay on the island’s Cotton House. Instead, you can choose from famously designed and discreet villas scattered all over the island to serve as your beautiful home away from home.

Why Mustique is the Favorite Caribbean Destination Among Celebrities

It’s Less Expensive Than You Think!

The mere mention of Mustique often leaves people running away because of the price. But it is time to know the truth. If you have always traveled on the higher end, you will be surprised to know that staying in Mustique is relatively cheaper.

And more than the price tag itself, you will be welcomed by a strong and warm community vibe with staff members who will feel like your own family after the end of your stay. With these experiences, you will feel good that you decided to spend your money on the island in the first place.

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More than paying for the private jets and butlers, what you will truly pay for are the once-in-a-lifetime experiences of dining, scuba diving, horseback riding, and more with notables and celebrities whom you would never meet up close and personal otherwise.

Turn Your Villa into Your Own Private Hotel 

Different architects designed the villas in Mustique, but all of them share several common denominators, such as the stunning views of the ocean, private pools, gingerbread accents, and colonial style.

The villas have unique characters, just like their guests. Since the vibe of every villa suits the famous personalities of the area’s extraordinarily private clientele, each one comes alive for various occasions throughout the week when the guests host cocktail hours or throw parties. The only exception is on Tuesdays, when guests head over to the cocktail hour at the Great House to check out the newest arrivals.

Although St. Barths has such a fun vibe, celebrities are not fond of the paparazzi everywhere. But this will never be an issue at Mustique. It is the ideal location for celebrities seeking a peaceful and private retreat.

Why Mustique is the Favorite Caribbean Destination Among Celebrities

Dinners are not your usual affairs with sandals and bathing suit cover-ups. Guests dress up for the lavish multicourse meal executed at the finest level you can imagine, with the Beach Café and other low-key locations being the only exceptions.

Mustique can also cater to whatever vibe or mood you have, and the picnic and barbecue spots dotting the island are perfect for a more personal touch. However, more than the award-winning wine list and wellness activities like tennis, golf, horseback riding, and hiking, the real lure of Mustique lies in the community formed on the island.

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How Long Should You Stay in Mustique?

To experience Mustique to the fullest, you might want to spend at least a week on the island. Don’t worry, because you will never get bored here. Every night has a different barbecue or cocktail party, so you can get your fill of fun while making lasting memories.

This is why it wasn’t even a surprise that some celebrities, like Kelly Ripa and her family, decided to spend their time on the island during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Who Should Travel to Mustique?

Families, couples, friends, and even solo travelers who want to play and party in the most upscale and elegant setting you have ever seen in your life should visit Mustique at some point.

With all that Mustique has to offer, it isn’t such a surprise that celebrities choose it as their favorite destination in the Caribbean. They come back here year after year to enjoy the idyllic place while hanging out with each other in perfect privacy and seclusion.


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