World's Incredible Private Islands That You Can Book | Black Platinum Gold

If what you want is complete seclusion and blissful peace, in a location off-limits to everyone but the resort staff and a few other guests, then a private island is the only place to go. 

Check out here where to indulge in paradise:


World's Incredible Private Islands That You Can Book | Black Platinum Gold

Opened in 2017, Bawah Reserve is an island resort that is part of Indonesia’s Riau Islands, accessible from Singapore by ferry and seaplane. Bawah Reserve promises untouched paradise, composed of six lush jungle islands, three crystal clear lagoons, and 13 ivory powder beaches. The eco-friendly resort is committed to environmental and ocean conservation, crafting its accommodations from natural and recycled materials. Guests can spend the day hiking the forests and water sports in the pristine lagoons, indulge in holistic meals at two restaurants and wellness programs at the Aura spa and yoga pavilion, then end the day with cocktails from the bar at dusk and open-air cinema screenings under the stars.


World's Incredible Private Islands That You Can Book | Black Platinum Gold

Located in the Caribbean Sea by Belize‘s barrier reef, the first view of Gladden is an aerial one—because you helicopter in. And once you see two small islands in the sea of crystalline water, the wow factor is immediate. It is located in a protected marine reserve, with whale sharks and pods of dolphins. Guests are left deliciously alone on their little Robinson Crusoe dot to mooch around the sleek, Mayan-inspired house, stretch out on a day bed by the pool or take a dip in the turquoise water. But the chef, manager and concierge are less than a two-minute boat ride away.


World's Incredible Private Islands That You Can Book | Black Platinum Gold

Already known for running one of the loveliest hotels in the Maldives (Landaa Giraavaru), Four Seasons has taken things up a notch with the opening of Voavah

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Imagine retreating to a remote, natural wilderness where no one is watching and anything is possible. On Voavah, exotic jungle greenery is flanked by immaculate, white beaches and crystal-clear water – and it’s all here for you. This seven-bedroom, private-island Maldives resort is the world’s first exclusive-use UNESCO hideaway, so the best-in-the-world snorkelling is taken as read.


World's Incredible Private Islands That You Can Book | Black Platinum Gold

Cempedak is a 17-hectare private island 9km off the east coast of Bintan, Indonesia. Surrounded by unspoilt islands it is one of only a handful of private islands along this beautiful coast.  Cempedak is ringed with white sandy beaches and studded with magnificent white granite boulders.  Rising to a height of 40m, the island boasts a rain forest that provides sanctuary to a diverse population of local birds including hornbills, eagles and kingfishers.  Other residents on the island include the critically endangered pangolin and a family of otters.

Giant bamboo pillars holding up sloped, densely-thatched roof make it seem like this hotel naturally sprouted from the island. It’s clear almost immediately that respecting the natural environment is paramount here, but so is creating an escape from the stresses of daily life.


World's Incredible Private Islands That You Can Book | Black Platinum Gold

Experience pure indulgence, relaxation and romance at one of the most sought-after destinations in the world. This truly all-inclusive island is home to only 14 couples at a time. The breathtaking panoramas of the renowned Blue Lagoon and neighboring Yasawa and Fiji Islands can be seen from your spacious Fijian villa. Gentle winds carry the scent of tropical flowers through the resort and the warm, azure waters at our 12 private beaches beckon you to relax on your vacation. The cuisine, prepared with fresh seafood from local waters and fruits and vegetables grown on the island, is a culinary delight. The paradise of Turtle Island resort offers a cultural experience where you embrace as family our gentle, engaging, noble hosts.

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World's Incredible Private Islands That You Can Book | Black Platinum Gold

Set in Tanzania’s Shungimbili Island Marine Reserve and surrounded by its own coral reef, Thanda Island is one of the truly exclusive tropical islands in the world. Eight hectares in size, one kilometer in circumference and 350 meters wide, the Island features only one private villa with five suites and two rustic Tanzanian Bandas and is a sanctuary to enjoy in complete seclusion with family and friends. Depending on the season, guests can swim with the gentlest giant of the ocean, the whale shark, and may watch turtles nesting and their eggs hatching. Marine conservation is at the core of the Island’s offering and guests are encouraged to get involved in a range of projects, such as marine wildlife monitoring or awareness workshops with villagers on neighboring Mafia Island. On the Island, guests can rejuvenate and enjoy a variety of water sports or island activities as they explore this remarkable destination, where shades of turquoise infuse the days and tropical spices the nights.


World's Incredible Private Islands That You Can Book | Black Platinum Gold

Imagine staying in some of the world’s most undiscovered, pristine environments. Completely private and removed from the rest of the world. Where authenticity of the experience, without compromising on standards, is the key. Where there is a philanthropic goal of both protecting the environment and giving back to the local community.

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Remote, wild and extraordinarily beautiful, Quilalea is part of the Quirimbas archipelago in Northern Mozambique, and lies within a protected marine reserve. The only ‘developed’ island for miles, it’s reached via helicopter from Pemba airport (30 nautical miles south). The coastline and islands are untouched and support a diversity of flora and fauna, including more than 140 bird species.


World's Incredible Private Islands That You Can Book | Black Platinum Gold

The remote islands of the Calamian Archipelago, where you’ll find Ariara, are a ‘last frontier’, untouched and unspoiled by tourism and development. 

Ariara has a curving, palm-fringed beach, a sea so clear that in the pale turquoise waters you can see right through to the sandy bottom, a slightly mysterious, jungly centre for the adventurous to hike through and, shimmering away in the distance, yet more sand-rimmed and forested islands to explore. Ten spacious and thoughtfully appointed villas and suites stretch along the beach, each with fabulous views out to sea over our private protected reef and beyond. The horizon is scattered with small uninhabited islands. There are huge luxurious beds and sumptuous bathrooms, marble baths and open-air showers.


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