World's Most Inaccessible Places (And How to Visit Them)

Do you feel like you can use a quick escape from all the hustle and bustle of your everyday life? Do you dream of staying in a place that is literally in the middle of nowhere, free from noises and sounds?

While there might be breathtakingly gorgeous remote destinations with sparse populations, reaching these places may be a bit tricky. 

Well, don’t worry because you can still visit the following inaccessible places in the world and have the kind of vacation you have always dreamed of!

Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland

This place with the hard to pronounce name is located smack dab right in the heart of the largest fjord and largest national park in the world, the 23,600-square-mile Scoresby Sound and the 604,000-square-mile Greenland National Park respectively.

The Most Inaccessible Places in the World (And How to Visit Them)

Approximately 600 miles of uninhabited land surrounds all sides of the town with only 450 residents. This quaint community remains freezing for 9 months out of a year and features towering glaciers, snowy mountains, colorful houses, one grocery store, and a clannish pub that just opens its doors one night per week. 

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If the water is too icy during the winter months to travel by boat, the only way to visit this town is to ride a helicopter to and from the closest airstrip. 

Kerguelen Islands, Southern Indian Ocean

Southern Indian Ocean’s the Kerguelen Islands are more popularly called the Desolation Islands because of the incredibly remote location that is over 2,000 miles away from civilization.

The Most Inaccessible Places in the World (And How to Visit Them)

While no native people are living here, Port-aux-Français, the only settlement in the area houses a small population of 50 to 100 scientists conducting research. A ship traveling four times per year is the only way to reach the island. 

Motuo, Tibet

Its landscape of numerous mountain ranges in high elevation is the reason why Motuo is Tibet’s last county inaccessible by road. This also explains why this remote place continues to be untouched by the rest of the world.

The Most Inaccessible Places in the World (And How to Visit Them)

Before the construction of the road, those who want to visit this unique community had to embark on a risky and grueling hike across the mountains for four days, stopping for rest in small villages along the way. 

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Supai Village, Arizona

Arizona’s Supai Village located in Havasu Canyon is considered the most remote community by the United States Department of Agriculture in the neighboring 48 states.

The Most Inaccessible Places in the World (And How to Visit Them)

It definitely earned its title because you won’t find any roads here and the only way out or into the village is through the 8-mile hiking trail or by helicopter. A mule even delivers mail here!

Tristan Da Cunha, South Atlantic Ocean

Tristan Da Cunha, a volcanic island, has earned the unique honor to be hailed as the most remote part of the planet with no human inhabitants. Edinburgh of the Seven Seas, the main settlement on the island, only has around 250 permanent inhabitants.

The Most Inaccessible Places in the World (And How to Visit Them)

If you want to experience the novelty of this town, make sure you plan well ahead. You won’t find any airport here and the only way to access it is by a South African fishing vessel or polar research ship which can take almost three full weeks!

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Are you up to the challenge of visiting these inaccessible places in the world?


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